Welcome to Shaver Lake!

Welcome to Shaver Lake and thank you for checking out my website!

I am Nancy McKee and I have been a full time real estate agent at Shaver Lake for 17 years. My Husband John and I moved to Shaver Lake from the San Francisco Bay Area and have had a wonderful career in Real Estate in this beautiful small town.

In September 2017 John and I decided to retire from active real estate business and I became a referral agent.

We have years of personal knowledge of the area, know the current agents who are working in the area, and have kept up with local events and happenings. We live here full time, love the area and the weather, and would be happy to help you find just the right agent to assist you in purchasing or selling property.

I write a news blog which I keep up as needed so if you want to see what is happening in the area just look below and hopefully you will get the same sense of awesome as we get by living here. Some family stuff and funny stories are included for you folks who followed us on our monthly newsletter while we were working full time.

So, if you are looking to purchase property or are thinking of selling your current property just call me at 559-841-2471(home office) or 559-259-7677(cell) and I will set you up with an agent who is a great match for what you are looking to do.


Updated below for Valentine's Day 2018!


Happy 2018 Valentine's Day to all,

Here it is February already and we are ready to celebrate another holiday. Hearts, candy, flowers, and dinners out with our loved ones. I was checking out on the internet, and of course who knows if it is true, but according to one of the web sites the first known Valentines Day message written in English was written in 1477. Wow, now that is a long time ago…

I remember as a kid getting all the Valentines Day cards ready to take to school and having bags or boxes to put each one in for each of your class mates. We each got a box of about 30 little cards and hopefully a least a couple of them had glitter on the cards that made them very special for that special friend. Not sure they still do that, maybe not a great idea anyway, but back in the day it seemed like a lot of fun.

John and I will be celebrating by going out to dinner and having a lovely evening. No candy, but a piece of pie will be a good substitute.

Shaver Lake is looking great, we love living here as the weather is great and much to our liking and having all four seasons suits us well. Winter is finally here and we really wish we had some snow, but it appears to be missing in any forecasts we have seen,, and we will be excited when spring blooms, but for now we are having a blast enjoying the weather Mother Nature is giving us.

Make sure you check out our web cam if you are looking for a current weather report, it is a great tool to check on snow level and conditions and changes its photo every 10 minutes. Available at the top of this page, just check it out.

Take care and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family….

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