Welcome to Shaver Lake!

Welcome to Shaver Lake and thank you for checking out my website!

I am Nancy McKee and I have been a full time real estate agent at Shaver Lake for 17 years. My Husband John and I moved to Shaver Lake from the San Francisco Bay Area and have had a wonderful career in Real Estate in this beautiful small town.

In September 2017 John and I decided to retire from active real estate business and I became a referral agent.

We have years of personal knowledge of the area, know the current agents who are working in the area, and have kept up with local events and happenings. We live here full time, love the area and the weather, and would be happy to help you find just the right agent to assist you in purchasing or selling property.

I write a news blog which I keep up as needed so if you want to see what is happening in the area just look below and hopefully you will get the same sense of awesome as we get by living here. Some family stuff and funny stories are included for you folks who followed us on our monthly newsletter while we were working full time.

So, if you are looking to purchase property or are thinking of selling your current property just call me at 559-841-2471(home office) or 559-259-7677(cell) and I will set you up with an agent who is a great match for what you are looking to do.


Updated below for New Year for 2018!


We are well into 2018 and what an exciting time. John and I had a wonderful holiday season, hope you did also and now we are busy with winter stuff and taking some classes.

We have enjoyed going to the Shaver Lake library, yes, we have a great library here in town, and even have a book club. Like so many other things we had not had time to looked into it, now we seem to be regular visitors. Wait there is more, you can get videos, magazines and even free internet.

Well stocked, lots of children’s books, and like I said, every second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 there is a book club. I have never been a great reader, but now this has really inspired me.

Also, if you get the library card you can get online courses for FREE at LYNDA’s and that is worth a lot. Taking classes is keeping our brains very active and I think we will be doing this for a long time.

If you are up here, make sure you stop by the library, it is in the Community Center and is open 5 days a week. Right now it is open on Monday and Tuesday from 2-6, closed on Wednesday, open on Thursday and Friday and Saturday from 2-6. Great place, very friendly and just a lot of fun to go and check out what is available.

Happy New Year and Hope this will be the best year ever…

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